Wednesday, June 5, 2019

MASTER of the Hounds by Leland Neff

Leland Neff is an internationally renowned artist and photographer.  He brings an unusually gifted precision of craftsmanship to the canvas with a luminance and vitality that emerges into animated paintings with profound results.
     Neff’s known for his equestrian, animal and portrait paintings.  He shows in galleries nationwide and has had a long, successful career in editorial, advertising, and fine art.  “Painting horses has always been a special joy to me,” he said.
     His fine art shows on three continents, as well as in his own gallery in Saratoga Springs, New York.  In the fashion world, he has photographed and drawn major European and American collections, and his work has appeared in leading magazines and newspapers such as GQ, Vogue, The Washington Post, The NewYork Times and Fortune.
     Neff opened the Leland Neff School of Fine Arts and is developing it into a cultural center on his 140-acre farm in upstate New York.  He has eight horses on his farm.  Neff has donated to Old Friends Equine,the Countryside Alliance and the Retired Racehorse Training Project.
     “Master of the Belvoir Hunt” is an

18” x 24” oil on birch plywood.